Bretton Artistic Vision


Bretton: Artistic Vision

Bretton was built in 1970; one of Peterborough’s first new townships under the New Towns Scheme. The developers aimed to create a green and family friendly area, with a pram bay in each house and green spaces running through the housing. Each area had a cluster of shops, pub and community centre so that residents could shop and socialise locally. The developers were ambitious and innovative in their designs but this has proved difficult to sustain.  Today, the shops and pubs have closed and many outdoor areas appear neglected and prone to fly-tipping. our vision for Bretton will continue to focus on the area’s green spaces, but as part of a wider aim to create community spaces for creativity. We will broaden our target audience with projects that aim to involve a young audience.



In each area we will offer taster sessions on the doorsteps of local residents and communities to get people interested and involved in our activities. This will include running after school sessions and a family film club at the Pyramid Centre. We will also incorporate artist led walks as used in the Bretton Greens project.  

Our £5000 commissions in Bretton will have two focuses: one commission will look to offer activity for young people, aged 12-16  and the other commission will be aimed at a family audience. 


Following on from our Bretton Greens project we will continue to develop activities aimed at older people.  We will be inviting  Duckie to bring  The Posh Club  (not the football team!) to Bretton. The Posh Club is a glamorous event for about 100 participants , held in the heart of the community. It emphasises dressing up, regular access to live performance, social connectivity and intergenerational volunteering.




Bretton Festival LR_01_-53.jpg


Bretton has an established annual festival, the Bretton Festival, delivered by Bretton Parish Council. In 2017, we booked acts as part of the Bretton Festival rather than create our own big event. This worked well in reaching large audiences that normally attend, who don't necessarily engage with other arts activity.

In 2018, we want to build on our relationship with BPC and add the wow factor to an already great event.