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Working with Hampton communities...

Why Hampton?

Hampton is one of Peterborough's newest townships, the first brick was laid 20 years ago.  It is a rapidly growing community with 46% more primary school age children than the national average. Our hampton programme will have a family friendly feel with activities for all ages. We want to create spaces in which families can be creative together. As a completely man-made area - it was formerly a brick pit- we also want to help grow a sense of identity by telling stories of and for the area and offer opportunities for families to take part in opportunities together. You can read more about our vision for Hampton here.



One of the best things about Hampton is the open fields, lakes, woodland, and nature reserves. Where else in Peterborough are you likely to spot a Muntjac deer on your doorstep?? One thing we have noticed when chatting to residents in the area, is that there aren’t many spaces or shelters for people to meet at and enjoy the outdoors in. Artist Caroline Wendling has been exploring just that while spending time in the area, and has run a series of den building workshops with families and the local community to help her design a structure to be sited by James Pond in Autumn/Winter 2019 for use by families and friends to meet and hang out in and appreciate the natural environment.

The Undercroft

Could you ever imagine a giant theatre space and artist studio situated under KFC? Well head down the escalators and have your minds blown! The Undercroft is a theatre space and artist studio in Serpentine Green shopping centre, past the food court. It is managed by Eastern Angles Theatre Company, and also has a studio run by street artist, Korp. As well as their own fantastic programme of theatre, musicals, spoken word, festivals, and variety shows, we’ve held lots of events and workshops at The Undercroft since we’ve been working in Hampton. The atmosphere is open and friendly, and we just love having a space for creativity wedged between the weekly shop!

The Tump (and Mavis the Giant)

Although we’ve technically already covered it as it’s a green space, we think the Tump deserves its own mention in our list of things we love about Hampton. Our first ever project in Hampton saw the revealing of the legend of Mavis the Giant back in 2017. We commissioned Lamphouse Theatre to do ‘Hampton Folk Tales’ where they worked with children and families in the area to write and perform folk tales written specially for Hampton. Residents also help design Mavis the Giant, and lead her on a march from the Tump (which is where the real Mavis the Giant lives of course!) to The Undercroft at Hampton Festival the same year. They also produced a beautiful book of all the folk tales and poems written. There are still copies of the book available at the Undercroft if you’d like to read some local legends!


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