Hampton Artistic Vision


Hampton: Artistic Vision

Hampton is one of Peterborough’s newest communities. The first houses were built in 1997 and the building work is set to continue past 2020. There are currently approx. 4000 homes in the area and this will eventually grow to 8500. The area was previously clay pits and as such there is no real sense of history, although early residents remember finding fossils in the clay! Today, Hampton has 46% more primary school age children than the national average.  There are three primary schools and a play park on every other corner. 

Our vision for Hampton will continue from phase 1 to focus on MUSIC and STORIES. We will also look to create spaces where families can be creative together. We will choose projects in which parents are participants and performers alongside their children.

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In each area we will offer taster sessions on the doorsteps of local residents and communities to get people interested and involved in our activities. The taster programme for Hampton will combine the fun and playful with the thought provoking; ukulele making sessions alongside magical storytelling experiences.  Opportunities to play and create as well as to sit and listen for both parents and children.

Our £5000 commissions in Hampton will have two focuses: one commission will look to offer activity for the young people of Hampton, aged 14-18, and one commission will continue to grow our work with pre-school children and their parents.


In the Hampton Folk Tales project our most successful workshops were for families and in schools. We want to build on offering opportunities for parents to get involved too; not just watch their children perform or participate.Therefore in Hampton the Collaborate commission will have a family friendly focus and create opportunities for families to participate together. The themes for the commission will be decided by a panel of Hampton residents (contact us if you are interested in being a panel member).  Through the taster programme the panel, and the wider community, will have experienced a range of activities inspired by music and stories.

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Together we'll create an event that brings together the wider community through creativity. The festival programme will be made of a mix of invited headliners and an open call for local people to apply to run activities and be on stage. 

We will also commission a project that will involve local residents in creating something for the festival. This could be a performance, installation or display that celebrates what is special about Hampton.  

Local organisations and individuals will be able to apply for up to £200 of funding to run their own creative activity. This funding will encourage organisations who might normally just run an information stand, to add a creative activity to their stall. If you have ever been to a Fun Palaces, this model is similar.