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Working with Hampton communities...

Hampton is one of Peterborough's newest townships, the first brick was laid 20 years ago.  It is a rapidly growing community with 46% more primary school age children than the national average. Our hampton programme will have a family friendly feel with activities for all ages. We want to create spaces in which families can be creative together. As a completely man-made area - it was formerly a brick pit- we also want to help grow a sense of identity by telling stories of and for the area.  You can read more about our vision for hampton here.

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In 2017, local residents spoke of a lack of community, an area becoming more disparate as more houses are built. They also spoke of a lack of history, of living in a new build area, a former brick pit, in which all the landmarks are manmade. In response to this learning our first commission for Hampton asked for a project that would:

  • Share/celebrate the stories and experiences of local residents

  • Create a sense of history and/or identity for the area

  • Highlight local landmarks such as the Tump or the lakes

  • Appeal to different age groups

The panel were given a selection of proposals from artists and arts groups and they chose to work with Eastern Angles and Lamphouse Theatre on a project titled 'Hampton Folk Tales'. During this time we also worked with Hampton panel members, some of whom used to organise the Hampton Fair, to create the first Hampton Festival. The festival was a celebration of the Hampton Folk Tales project and also the area's 20th birthday.


Hampton Folk Tales

Hampton Folk Tales was our first project in Hampton, delivered by Lamphouse Theatre in partnership with Eastern Angles Theatre Company. The two theatre companies dreamed of creating a folklore history for the area. The starting point of a giant (called Mavis, who lived in the Tump) led to a programme that included puppet workshops, storytelling sessions and photography walks.

The project culminated at the Hampton Festival, where Mavis led a procession of over 200 people from the Tump to the festival site where visitors enjoyed a performance of The Hampton Song by a local children’s choir, as well as a newly devised piece of theatre, performed by local young performers, that told the story of Mavis the Giant.

Read more about the project and working with Lamphouse Theatre and Eastern Angles over on our blog.

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Hampton Festival

To celebrate Hampton's 20th birthday we organised the first Hampton Festival on the field behind Serpentine Green. We worked with community representatives including CSK Church, Tesco Community Hub, Hampton Tiddlers, Serpentine Green, O&H Hampton, and residents of Hampton.

The programme for the festival featured a mix of local and national talent across three festival sites; main stage, The Undercroft, and inside the shopping centre. Highlights included Messy Play; a graffiti wall; pop up theatre from Robin Linde Productions; music from Henry Birkett, Pembroke Tenneson, Groove Sistas, and gospel excellence from A-Flame; and drumming from Japanese Gods of war, Raijin Storm.

When it rains, it pours, and it poured down on the festival day, but despite the bad weather we were pleased with the amount of people who came to celebrate. For phase two we want to build on our success (with better weather!) and look at how we can build a sustainable festival for the Hampton community.

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