Millfield Artistic Vision


Millfield: Artistic Vision

Millfield is home to a diverse community. Over 120 languages are spoken in this part of the city and  the local primary school was one of the first in the UK in which all pupils spoke English as a second language.  Parts of Millfield, fall into the city’s CANDO area, an area of high economic deprivation.  There is a growing number of pro-active community organisations who are keen to see the area improve and thrive.   At the heart of Millfield is the Lincoln Road, a shopping hub populated with mostly independent, diverse businesses.

Our vision for Millfield will focus on PEOPLE and STORIES - in finding creative ways to draw out and share the experiences of people who have lived, and continue to live in the area.



In each area we will offer taster sessions on the doorsteps of local residents and communities to get people interested and involved in our activities. The taster programme for Millfield will bring new performances and workshops to the area. 

Our £5000 commissions in Millfield will have two focuses: one commission will be focused on the experiences and stories of women living in the area. The other commission will be focused on young men, aged 16-18. 



The Collaborate commission will focus on the heritage of the Lincoln Road. We will work with different community organisations to collect stories and experiences from residents who have lived in the area for a long time.  Artists will then be commissioned to run participatory activities inspired by these stories.  The culmination will be an exhibition and celebration event that involves people across Millfield. 

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Our first Millfield Festival is 2017 was designed to bring together the whole community. The programme featured Peterborough Dhol Group and a Qawwali band performing alongside local musicians. The festival finale, External Combustion, brought the wow factor with a pyrotechnic performance unlike anything seen in that area before.

Our second Millfield Festival will bring the wow factor again, with a programme that reaches the wider community.  We will also provide opportunities for residents to run their own creative activities.