Guest Blog: Scottee and Queer Peterborough

Scottee has been working as an artist in residence in Peterborough for the last 18 months. As part of Peterborough Pride, Peterborough Presents and Metal supported Scottee in hosting a Queer Summit for 26 artists across the country to come to Peterborough for the day and discuss queer radicalism in their work as artists.


Read about Scottee's time in Peterborough below. You can view the original post here.


As part of my queer occupation in Peterborough with Metal I've been creating a series of events and dinners, touring productions and instigated the first pride arts festival in the city.


Though out the process I've been meeting folk from across the UK who are creating queer and trans* work in their neighbourhoods and joining cities and towns. After hanging out with political activists who seem better organised than artists I wondered what we might learn from coming together, sharing knowledge and seeing how we might work with each other.


With the help and support of Peterborough Presents and Metal Peterborough I was able to bring 25 activists from as part as Portsmouth and Glasgow to discuss how we might collaborate with each other, support each others projects and create a network that focuses on queer radicalism and not gay plays for gay audiences. 

We discussed intergenerational issues, HIV/AIDS, class, privilege, space, community and geography. We decided we would formalise our group somewhat and become a thing, we don't know what sort of thing but a thing. At the end of the day we all shared what we could share - I now am part of a network that has spare rooms, sofa beds, many cats and an abundance of local knowledge in places like Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Exeter, Brighton, Southend, Cambridge, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol and of course Peterborough. 

Who knows what the next stage of the Queer Summit will look like - for now, please enjoy these school tea towel vibes from James Unsworth who sketched all 25 of us in 6 hours! 

Charley Genever