Blog: How Do You Create the Perfect Hampton Home?

Does Decorating Bring You Joy?

How to create the perfect Hampton home!

Artist in residence, Caroline Wendling is exploring how people interact in Hampton’s wonderful green spaces. In the Spring, Caroline will be building an outdoor meeting space for Hampton residents to meet, hang out, and make friends. As part of her research, she spoke to Lucy Kent of Hampton Vale, and Josie Stone of Hampton Centre, to find out what makes a space feel like a home. Read Lucy’s interview below, and get some inspo from the snaps we took of her gorgeous home!


2019-03-12 10.23.26 1.jpg

DIY:  My husband put in the seating area in the kitchen as there’s not a lot of space. This way, we can take advantage of having more people round. My mum’s quite good at sewing, so she made the cushions to fit.

 Greenery: I do like a touch of greenery so we have a few miniature plants. It’s just to add a pop of colour.

Colour: This cream colour was painted everywhere! We’re just starting in a few places to put colour in. I quite like adding the colour in furniture or artwork or plants.

Memories: We’ve got this post box on the wall in the downstairs toilet, where if we’ve had a good day or gone out for a meal, we put our memories in there, like film and theatre tickets, little notes, and receipts. We collect for the year and on New Year’s Day we take them out and read them.

Scent: Smell is really evocative of memory isn’t it? I really like patchouli, sweet smelling things, and a musky scent as well. Fresh, clean florally scents.

Inspiration:  I went to The Ivy in Manchester at the weekend, and they had lots of botanical prints. Or you go in other people’s houses and see a colour you would normally never pick out. I went round a friend’s house and they’d used lots of dark inky blues and I thought it looked really good.

Art: We like to use art to add colour too. My daughter Jessica’s into photography, so that’s a photo she took of Harry which we printed onto a canvas. My mum used to holiday there as a child and her mum did, so it’s very nostalgic for us.

Light: A light can make a huge difference, it’s like another piece of art really. We tend to use the lamps mostly for a softer light, to make it a bit cosy.

Nature:  The view out the front is of a nature reserve, it’s a lovely open space to look out. It’s really important to us to feel fresh air.

Upcycling: My Mum upholstered the chair for us. Ikea do some great fabrics, so we found this and then this one little piece of fabric set the tone of the room. The chair was second hand, she often takes second hand bits and chooses fabric for them.

 As a final question Caroline asked both Lucy and Josie what they would want an outdoor space to be like? They suggested a place that is enclosed and cosy; a bit quirky and unique; a place to be calm and relax. They would like to see lots of greenery but pops of colour and a nice smell!

What kind of outdoor space would you like to see in Hampton? If you have any thoughts, fill in the box below and click send!

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