Bretton Greens

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Project Name - Bretton Greens
Who was involved - Katy Hawkins (lead artist), Better Bretton, The Pyramid Centre, Nene Park Trust, The Iqra Academy,

Project summed up in one sentence - A chance to creatively re-imagine Bretton’s beloved green spaces through collaborative walks, exhibitions, and interventions.

How did we choose this project? - All of our projects have been chosen by members of the community. We think the best way to offer great art and creativity is if you get to decide what we do with you! A panel of local residents from Bretton and members of the Better Bretton community were given a menu of projects to discuss and choose from. Each project was very different, and it was very interesting to listen to the discussions about what residents of Bretton would like to see. Everyone was very passionate about the green spaces in Bretton, and how over the years they have been less loved than perhaps they should be, so Katy’s project was a perfect fit.

Here's an interview with Katy from when Bretton Greens was under way to give you an idea of the structure and what was involved:

Although Katy came into this project as an artist from outside the city, she got well and truly stuck in; she moved to Peterborough and became an honourary Bretton local. The project involved lots of different communities and artforms from poetry to murals to gardening. Katy documented the whole process on the Bretton Greens blog to leave a legacy. Below are  some photo showreels of the different stages of the project.

Community Walks/Exploration

Implementing the Winning Designs and  Legacy