Hampton Folk Tales


Project Name: Hampton Folk Tales
Who’s involved: Eastern Angles Theatre Company, Lamphouse Theatre Company

Project summed up in one sentence: Creating Hampton’s very own folklore through a range of workshops and performances spanning storytelling to monster building to digital art.

How did we choose this project?: All of our projects have been chosen by members of the community. We think the best way to offer great art and creativity is if you get to decide what we do with you! A panel of local residents from Hampton community were given a menu of projects to discuss and choose from. Each project was very different, and it was very interesting to listen to the discussions about what residents of Hampton would like to see. Everyone was very passionate about trying to create an exciting, magical history for Hampton, as it is such a new part of the city with lots of young families. Eastern Angles seemed like the perfect fit!

Here's an interview with Tom Fox of Lamphouse Theatre from when Hampton Folk Tales was under way to give you an idea of what was involved:

The project culminated in a brilliant celebration at Hampton Festival. There was a parade featuring Mavis the Giant, performances from the Hampton ensemble, a brand new song for Hampton, and a beautiful folk tales booklet. Below are some photos from the different stages of the project.