Our Lincoln Road


Project Name - Our Lincoln Road
Who was involved - Paper Rhino, Gladstone Park Community Centre, The Iqbal Centre, Ghousia Foods

Project summed up in one sentence - A brand new mural inspired by and celebrating the local stories of Lincoln Road.

How did we choose this project? - All of our projects have been chosen by members of the community. We think the best way to offer great art and creativity is if you get to decide what we do with you! A panel of local residents from Millfield were given a menu of projects to discuss and choose from. Each project was very different, and it was very interesting to listen to the discussions about what residents of Millfield would like to see. Everyone was very passionate about the businesses and buildings along Lincoln Road, and how they would love to see it develop into a Peterborian Brick Lane and full of colour, so Paper Rhino's project was a perfect fit.

Here is a timelapse video of the installation of the venue:

In order to decide on the phrases and figures in the mural, Paper Rhino ran some open consultation workshop with members of the public to discuss local legends, thoughts, and stories over some cake. The mural was then designed and implemented over August 2017.